SuperLife has eight (8) streams of income:

Retail Bonus – You earn this bonus when you decide to resell your products you received upon registration, or order more for sale for retail profit

Direct Sponsor Bonus -You receive this bonus directly into your e-wallet immediately your prospect is registered.

Roll-Up Bonus – This bonus comes to your when your downline sponsors a member on a higher package than he is. For example, if your downline is on Star package and directly sponsors a Super package member, he will earn only $80 out of $350 he was supposed to earn. The remaining $270 rolls up to you, his up line (provided you are on Super package) or you will receive $160 (if you are on the Supreme package) and the rest of the $350 rolls up to your upper line making sure the total bonus $350 is completely earned.

Key-In Bonus – This is only earned by Super package members. You will earn 3% of the package you are registering. Your downlines who are not yet Super will refer the registration to you.

Pairing Bonus – This comes from every two people under you who are on the same membership package even if you are not the one that referred them. You will earn a pairing bonus for being the upline.

Repurchase Mall Bonus – This applies to members who their downlines will be buying more of the product from their back office. Every new order your downline places, you, the upline will earn pairing points (PP) for pairing bonus.

Unilevel Bonus – You receive this bonus when you have successfully placed at least 10 people on your left and right legs (5 on each leg), and these people are active in their SuperLife business. You, the upline will earn a bonus monthly for this. This commenced in January 2020.

Gift point (GP) – 15% of your income goes to your GP ewallet, and is redeemable through various incentives depending on your gp.

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