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Eyebrows Style

Just like face shapes and haircuts, brow shapes can differ, and it is essential to find the one that will suit you the most. Getting perfect brows really depends on the dimensions of your face. So if you know how to create eyebrow shape you’ll be able to make accent on your eyes, emphasize your beauty and make you look younger.

So how does one can learn how  to shape eyebrows? For starters, your unique face shape plays a role in determining which eyebrow shape works best for you.

The square eyebrow shape can suit you if your face is round, so they will add some exotic angularity to your appearance. If you have a square jaw accent, then try for rounded soft eyebrow shapes. They will suit you the best.

Though, one needs to take into account not only the face shape, but the whole looks and especially features.CHARLES SINGLETON

A long face is characterized by features that are vertically stretched out. In this case, it is important to extend the tails of your brows east-to-west to really play up horizontal features.

If you have an intriguing heart-shaped face, this means, that being said, a thin brow is never in! The idea here is to create a shape that is controlled and never bushy.

Eyebrow Makeup Is Essential If…

For those girls whose hair is blonde it is necessary to use the brown pencils or brow shadows to make the contours more emphasized and pronounced.

When your skintone is a bit dark with the sun tan, your eyebrows need to be a bit darker too. So use the dark brown eyebrow pencil and a brush to create the perfect color for your eyebrows.

Your eyebrows needn’t to be raven-black, though. Try for chestnut brown or dark grey, instead.

Beauty tips for everyone

Perfect makeup is an integral part of everyday life. Look your best with our beauty tips!


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