STC30 is not just for the Sick

STC30 is for everybody

The World Health Organization released a damning statistic that in the world;

1) Only 5% is healthy

2) 15% is sick (and they are doing something to address their diseases) and

3) 80% are in the sub-health category!

I am sure most of us fall in the 80% category…..not sick but not healthy! Why?

Our mostly unhealthy lifestyle entails that our health and bodies are susceptible to constant attack from diseases, leaving our organs weak, cells damaged and sometimes malfunctional. Therefore, our bodies have to be serviced time and again.

Our bodies are like a car travelling along a bumpy dusty road….the car parts get battered and knocked so many times, and for the car to stay in good condition, it has to be serviced regularly.

For the service to occur, the service repair kit must be present. Now, in our bodies, stem-cells become the service repair kit.

Everyday, stemcells get to repair our body organs and cells, so that along the way, they deplete.

If we don’t make an effort to replenish/replace them, what happens to our bodies if they run out?🤔

Our body organs get damaged (as cells malfunction) and we develop different diseases (eg heart conditions, liver conditions, kidney, pancreas, prostate, lung conditions) etc

Therefore, STC30 is for everybody that wants to enjoy sound health.

I personally use STC30 regularly, I do not want to wait until I feel pain in my tummy (probably because my kidney would have been damaged because of lack of stem-cells). I make sure my body service repair kit (STC30) is always fully available.

Many people wait until it is too late, until they feel pain or get sick! And by then, it might be very deadly and you might require a lot more boxes of STC30!!

Prevention is better than cure

STC30 also has a lot of other benefits…

It rejuvenates and reverses the aging process. If you want to maintain a radiant, fresh and healthy look, daily intake of STC30 is a sure bet.

Educate people about how much their lives are at risk…..

People need to know this and be proactive about their health!

STC30 is a family therapy, which must be part of our daily meals, for the benefit of our health

A sachet of STC30 a day keeps the doctor away.😊

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