Anyways Iet me share this small testimony .
I am taking STC30 for only 2 reasons, gastritis, and fractured finger bone.
Gas is too much inside tummy up to a point there are kinds of food, fruits and liquids, I was stopped from taking by my dietitian, I would feel sick if I take them .
Some days I would just feel nausea out if nowhere and vomit either food or air , I never knew a person can vomits just air until it happened to me .
I have taken my 5th sachet now I have noticed there’s a huge difference I can stay the whole day without feeling nausea and vomiting air from inside my tummy.
Pains from the fractured finger bone would usually conversation the whole hand up to some part if my arm and had to always rub it and take pain killers . Now I have discovered the huge change , there’d No More pain I’m my hand and on my arm it is only on the affected finger alone and the finger is becoming better when I’m stretching it .
The cherry on top is that I’m always having a beautiful soft clear glowing skin and never had problems with my skin even before I started taking the STC30, but now my skin is more supple softer even and much more glowing . I’m loving it .
👊👊 forward with superlative products forward.
I gave one pack to my sister and one pack to my mom I believe soon I will be sharing their testimonies too.