[1/22, 09:16] Hlahla2: Yes my dear. My name is Mrs Hlahla. Let me share4e this Stroke testimony. My own mother got a stroke on 29 December 2017. Both legs from knee level to toe were numb. She couldn’t bend them anymore, she couldn’t feel anything.

I didn’t rush her to hospital. Instead I took the first sachets around 6pm and gave her.
I gave her another sachet around 11 pm and another sachet around 5am.

The condition was severe so I wanted faster results.

30 December I gave her 2 sachets around 5am and before she goes to bed.
On 31 December she started to feel pain when I was trying Physio/ bending her legs backward and I gave glory and honor to God because I knew that life into her legs was coming back.

On1 January 2018, she started learning to walk, however with strong support around her.
On 2 January she started walking alone leaning/going around touching or supported by the house wall.

As I speak, my mother is now well, back on her feet.

Don’t underestimate the power of STC30.

Try Stemcell for health restoration.