Yes .. i was bed ridden and now im walking. I had arthiritis for 6 yrs, i took stc30 and still am 5 months and counting but on my 6th day of administering stc30 i could go into the shower & shower myself as i had caregivers giving me bed bath as i was unable to even wash myself. but because of stc 30 i can do all of the above plus my blood pressure went from high & uncontrolled to normal and i am even doing shopping alone.. a thing i couldnt even dream of but stc 30 really helped me too much & i praise God for getting this product to me.. but i had healing stress galore but it was all worth it. yhooooo
[03/11, 8:39 AM] 👸💃🏿🥳😘: Wow my leader this is amazing. May I ask if this is your personal testimony?
[03/11, 8:42 AM] : Yes it is my dear: The doctor is shocked..they cant understand how come my liver, kidneys etc clean ( the conventional medication damaged me even more) and the arthritis inflammation was 175 now 25.. i was always the sickest at my doctors visits amongst the 100’s of ppl but now the people cannot believe..some were even crying when they saw me walking freely ..i do not take any medication now only vitamin “d”..